Prima's 5% rule

We are a husband and wife team and we have 2 passions...

Building a business

Paying it forward

We plan to introduce our own brand of products in the near future to keep growing the business, so that not only our products keep adding value to customers, but so that we can also use our bottom line to pay it forward.

It is not some sort of marketing gimmick, but rather in integral part of how we plan to do business and interact with the global community. We believe that a lot can be done to alleviate the problem of poverty if all the companies out there adopt some sort of system where they give back to the people keeping them in business.

At Primaquin, we not only showcase the best 5 in our collections (see about us), but we also give away 5%

How will it work?

Register on the site + make a purchase in the month

At the end of the month we will randomly choose a registered, paying customer to receive 5% of our profit. Not 5% off a product, not 5% discount on future purchases - 5% straight from our bottom line to your pocket. Why? Because you deserve it for supporting us!

At best, you may get your product for free + extra cash (hopefully a lot of extra cash).

At worst, you will still get your product, but also contribute to making someone else's life better.

What do we ask in return?

Continue to support us.

Spread the word so that we are able to grow and increase what we are able to give back.

Email us when you receive your Prima 5% so that we can see what difference it has made in your life.

We will be as transparent as possible so that you can rest assured that a promise we make is a promise we keep.